Wednesday, May 4, 2011

In Which We Are Reviewed

"I don't like vampire books. I don't like short stories, but I loved loved loved the vampire short story written by Evie Owens. Short stories usually leave me clamoring for more detail and back stories; vampire books leave me shrieking "Why?" But it was easy to accept the premise hereespecially as I could think of it as a metaphorand the writing was gorgeous."

"Haunting narrative. If it's possible to write a literary vampire story Evie Owens did it with Blood and Guilt."
—Excerpted from my very first Amazon review, by Kathleen Baldwin

Yes, that's right.  Blood and Guilt got two—count them TWO—unsolicited reviews in one day! And that's just the beginning of the coolness.

Kathleen Gilles Seidel! One of my favorite authors! My favorite of her books (so far) is Again. And they just recently brought out the Kindle edition of Summer's End.  As you can imagine, I love my Kindle, so that's big news! 

And Kathleen Baldwin, who just won my local RWA chapter writing contest, The Marlene, with her young adult manuscript, "Stranje House." I had the honor of being a judge in that contest and I LOVED it! I remember telling my critique group how much I loved one of the entries and how much I wanted it to win.  And it did!

So, just to sum up: My First Ever Review on Amazon + Unsolicited! + A rave review from one of my idols + Unsolicited! = One Very Happy Writer.

It was a good day.

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