Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I'm taking a class with Lucy March of StoryWonk. Actually, it's two classes: Discovery Writing and Making Magic. They both started on Sunday, and one of the assignments is to create a soundtrack for our current project.

I've done this before, created a playlist in iTunes and added appropriate songs to it. But there are two kinds of playlists.

There's the playlist of music that I can play in the background while I write. Those songs have to either be wordless or songs that I know so well I'm no longer listening to the lyrics.

Then there's the playlist that puts me in the mood of the story. Songs and music that illustrate something about a character or a relationship or a scene.

It's the second kind I'm working on for the class (for more info you can check out the StoryWonk podcast about soundtracks), and I'm having real trouble with it because I'm not 100% committed to A Project. See, I've got several percolating.

And this is good! It's good to have lots of ideas to work on (so many books, so little time), because working on this is already helping me narrow things down.

For instance, I'm not quite ready to commit to the "Hope in Hell" book I've got started.  Even though I already have a playlist for it.  A playlist that includes as much Italian rap music as I could scrounge up.

And I'm not quite ready to commit to the second YA book I've got started. Though I have a playlist for that one, too.

I think I've got it narrowed down to two projects, one very women's fiction-y (with paranormal touches), and the other much more single title contemporary romance.  Right now, tonight, I'm leaning toward the latter, tentatively titled "A New Kind of Crazy." But tomorrow I might be leaning toward the other one (as yet untitled, but I've been calling it The Deer Book).

Not being able to commit makes me feel so at sea! Like I'm spinning my wheels and getting nowhere.

At the same time, because this is me we're talking about here, it makes me feel like Scrooge McDuck--with a big ol' safe full of potential projects.

I love all of my stories and I can't wait to finish them all.

In the mean time, I'm going to link to A Little Ray of Sunshine. It's by Lani Diane Rich (aka Lucy March) and it's my favorite book ever by her. It's funny and touching and it made me cry my eyes out (and does on every re-read) without making me feel like my emotions are being manipulated. That's a very tough thing to do, but this book does it beautifully.

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  1. What was the point of the exercise? I do have music that puts me in the mood. With or without the music, I can write.