Monday, May 2, 2011

This baby goes all the way to Eleven!

I posted my short story on Amazon on April 24th and so far I've sold 11 copies.  That's a small number.  Not nearly large enough to justify how much fun I've had doing this!  :-)  I loved wrangling with my cover and my lack of Scrivener knowledge, and the formatting, and the whole beautiful process, and I don't have the words to say how much I adore going to Amazon and seeing the cover I made on the official "page" for my little short story.

I haven't done any promotion for it, other than adding a signature block to my emails, getting my family, friends, and critique group to "tag" it on Amazon (a mysterious process that I don't know very much about but which I've been told is Very Important) and putting together a basket for the big raffle at my local RWA chapter's annual retreat.

Our retreat was this weekend and again, I'm not sure I have the words to describe what it did for me.  Not a great thing for a writer to admit to, but there you have it.

If you read between the lines of this blog--or just peek under the pretty pretty cover of my recent actions--you know that I've been an aspiring author for a long time now and have lately been foundering in the Shallows of Disappointment. I have eaten of the Cake of Unfulfilled Dreams. It was thin and bitter and I lost the taste for trying.

But this weekend washed that bitterness out of my mouth.  The words of the speakers and the company of my friends reminded me what I'm here for. My dream is to see my writing published.  And that dream isn't dead or done until I am.  I may be among the rocks right now, but all I have to do is turn around, dive in, and get back out there.

The raffle is the last event of the retreat. People contribute baskets and other things to be raffled off. I contributed a vampire-themed basket. (Including the crazylovely poster to the left! And customizable fangs. And fake blood. And, of course, an Amazon Kindle gift card!) It was the first basket I ever pulled together and I worried that it would be the only basket there that wouldn't get any tickets.  So every once in a while I would cruise by the room where the raffle baskets were on display and I would check the ticket bag.  To my great relief it did get tickets.  But even better, on Sunday when my basket came up in the drawing, I heard the woman behind me say she'd put tickets in and she really hoped she would win. :-) And then she did! And she was so excited.

Carol, if you see this, thank you for being so happy to win my basket. You made my day!

And now, thanks to my time at the retreat, I have thoughts and plans and more hope than I've had in a long, long time.

I'm not ready to get out of the water yet.

I'm still swimming . . .

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